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Re: SVO: Floyd's Hi-po Tractor (was Road Atlanta)

On Tue, 9 Dec 1997, SVO8ntno50 wrote:

> In a message dated 97-12-08 22:24:58 EST, NOSPAMcorvetter@worldnet.att.net
> writes:
> << 
>  How about an equal start (heads up) but I'll pull a bottom plow or a
>  box grader
>   >>
> I dont know, those Kubota's are pretty quick. Maybe I should put some nitrous
> on the old cub cadet(Might cut my lawn cutting time in half (:D)).

Ok ok..its not around anymore, but I had a John Deere that would kick all
ass...I swear to God this is a 100% true story,as warped as it may sound!

Back when I was in like 8th grade, our neighbor across the street
died(older family).  Bein as the kids moved away anyhow, the widow did
like all others in Florida and moved to a condo, and they sold us their
8hp John Deere ridin mower for 50 bux. We already had a nice lawn tractyor
but for 50 bux we arent turnin it down.  Well, my dad used it off and on
for ayear or so and the 8hp jus didnt cut it(1 acre and the back is not
done as much), so it jus sat.  Being as I was still in 9th grade, and no
car obviously, I used to have fun ridin it around, tearin upgrass etc.... 
Well one day I yanked the mower deck, and looking at the drive system I
noticed the engine pulley was like 2 or 3", and the gear box one was like
6 or 7"...I rode the bike to a small engine shop where i picked up a 6" 
pulley for the motor, and a 3" pulley for the gear box.  Also, the rear
wheels had some funky 5 bolt lug pattern, and found some do nuts from my
parents cars that fit the back to give me a largertire and higher
effective gear.  Then I tied a string to the butterfly on the carb, and
ran it thru the body(it was one of those rear engine things with the dinky
front wheels).  That allowed momentary runs up to like 5500 rpm, as the
govener stops them at like 3600...
So anyway, this thing was BAAAAD!!!!! Had a 5 speed gear box, and would
pull a wheel stand in first where it would stand almost upright till the
bagger attachment scrped the ground like a wheelie bar!  my friend fell
off the back once, and I had to chase it down the street in a full sprint,
jump and grab for the steering wheel, then use it to pull myself up to hit
the clutch and brakes..remeber, most riding lawn mowers dont have a gas
pedal, so you fall off, it keeps goin.
But that thing would cook.  We took off the muffler and used some pipes
from the hardware store, and in 1st gear it would go faster than it used
to in 5th.  You should have seen the neighbors when I would go by!  It had
the power to pull in 5th, but I never found out how fast it was.  All I
know is I had my friend following me in his car while Iwas in 3RD, and I
was goin 32mph! On a lawn tractor!


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