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Re: SVO: Intake relocation

On Tue, 9 Dec 1997, Carl Morris wrote:

> I've thought about it for a couple of years, ever since someone (Steve
> at ETS?) told me they were working on that sort of thing.  The fact 
> that it never came to anything made me think that the problems involved
> must have been too big to be worth the cleaner front mount IC install...
> It seems like they had to go to a serpentine belt system and relocate
> the alternator, among other things.  So, Chuck, would you do it again?
> What were the gotchas?
I'm doin it on the Pinto(Volvo intercooler), but unless you have a cross
flow intercooler, its not gonna get you much I dont think.
How could it help?  Inside its the same thing wheter it points forward or
sideways, and you can gut a stock one..Cory Erickson has a gutted upper
for cheap he says:)
Only reason I am doin it on the pinto is if I point it forward I get a few
littlebends, but now with the stock intake I have 4 90's betwen the
intercoolr and TB alone...I am not gutting out theupper after hearing cory
say he lost tons of bottom end..

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