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SVO Literature - status

I have a SVO Literature items left:

1986 Ford Pocket facts (salesman's reference guide) - SOLD - (I'm holding the 
ones for people that verbally committed to them.)

1985 Mustang SVO Postcard: featuring a white 1985 SVO with a tropical 
background. Marketing by Ford to potential customers. $10 each (a few left)

36" X 24" laminated poster featuring a gray 1984 SVO (front and rear views). 
At the top "Straight from the showroom...Its far from stock!". Originally hung 
in Ford dealership showroom. Very cool. Mint condition. $50 (only one)

1984 Mustang SVO Sales Brochures: specific to SVO...7 pages with complete 
details, descriptions, magazine quotes etc. on the 1984 Mustang SVO. $25 each 
(a few left)

1984 Ford Marketing Brochure. Contains a few pages one each "high performance" 
Ford vehicle in 1984(including the SVO) . $10 each (a few left)

I will hold onto stuff for those who have verbally committed for one week 
(unless you notify me otherwise). Money orders please.


(2) black 86 SVOs (1 stock, 1 toy)