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Re: SVO: Outside Door Window Felt

On Tue, 9 Dec 1997, Scott Persson wrote:

> SVO'ers
> Anybody know where I can get the outside window felt for my 85 SVO?  I need
> it for the outside of the driver and passenger door's windows.  I've been
> told they are obsolete, but what about using the one from a 87-93?


You're talking about the window channels, right?  The ones the window
rolls up into? 

They're not obsolete at all -- they're the same for any 79-93 mustang...if
you have a hard time with your parts guy, let me know and I'll send you

If you're talking about the belt moulding, just get one for an '86
GT/SVO/whatever with black trim, they're the same -- although some of the
purists migh have a hard time since the new part is a little darker (it'll

Have fun,
Joe Morgan