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SVO: More goodies found at CCA HQ for sale

Been digging around the garage again this evening and found more stuff
cluttering the shelves:
-Side view mirrors-off an 84 SVO but are the same as all other mustangs(need
repainting) $5 each
-Floor supports, these are the supports that help prevent cracking floor
boards in the earlier than 87 fox bodies(same thing PPI sells for $29.99) $15
each-I have 3.
-SVO Onion head strut mounts, I have 2 really really nice ones off an 86 with
15K miles on them(car was totalled with a rear end hit), I have 2 rough
ones,need painting and one skirt has a hole in it. $50 for the nice pair. $15
for the rough pair
-Factory Premium stereo amplifiers from 87-93 mustangs, I have 4 $10 each
-89 Lincoln town car front and rear cloth seats(these are actually wrapped up
in the attic) they are blue and came out of my fathers town car with 28,000
miles on it( I put leather in it) I know I am stretching things a bit here but
someone out there might need them $100 for the whole set(or make me an offer)
could be comfy in someones garage!!
-Global West Trac-Link, used but complete set up. On friends car for 4 months,
I got it from him and looks like I won't be using it(was going on my 88). $175

Thanks, Paul (CCA Pres.)