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Re: SVO: Floyd's Hi-po Tractor (was Road Atlanta)

In a message dated 97-12-09 20:17:32 EST, shidel@suntan.eng.usf.edu writes:

 Ok ok..its not around anymore, but I had a John Deere that would kick all
 ass...I swear to God this is a 100% true story,as warped as it may sound!
Thats a good story, too bad its not around anymore.CCA could use that at
Carlisle..."you cant catch me copper, not in my hopped up john deere" as we
smoke past their underpowered golf cart.
I have a craftsman out back that used to pull a pretty good wheel stand(too
good actually) they had to replace the bent frame under warranty once. But now
it stopped running and the steering shaft is bent (thanks SGT @ arms)he hooked
the tow rope to it. But maybe the CCA might collectively build this up. Take
off the mower deck, put stacks on it for exhaust, cool paint job, weights off
the back to maintain that exhibition wheelie run down the street. anyone know
where to get slicks for a lawn tractor. I think I can manage to front
skinnies(the trailer tires look like they'll work).
I also have a 3 wheel EZ-GO golf cart I bought for $5 with no motor or trans.
Anyone have a motor or trans or have any ideas how to make a spare turbo 2.3
that I have laying around work in the EZ-GO.(will need titanium wheelie bars

Paul (CCA Pres.)