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SVO: gutted/rotated upper

Howdy all
Chris and CARL and others  wrote about the gutted upper and rotated (I
have'n't yet learned how to do the quote stuff).  here's my scoop

 doing the work was not verry hard, 1. cut 86 (i think it was an 86, but any
square upper) into two pieces about 2 inches above the base. 
   2. drilled holes all through the webbing then knocked out the big chunks of
   3.  smoothed it all out with die grinder. (did not get it all slick figured
it wouldn't matter.
   4.  welded back together with friends mig welder.
   5.  installed bigger 930 intercooler behind radiator (like spearco)

all the linkage was fine(throtle cable), no egr on my car, no distributer on
my car.
clears alternator with about an inch or two to spare. 

problems?  1. the stock hood did not quite fit back on I notched the inner
part of the intercooler scoop and it pretty much cleared then (slight but
constant contact), I allready had a painted fiberglass hood ready to go as
soon as i got rid of stock intercooler. I think if you cut about an inch out
of the middle of the upper before you welded them back togather it would be
                2.  anything that weighs more than air (oil, nitros???) gets
pushed to the back of the upper and then goes into good ole number 3 cyl.  I'm
going to remove the crank case vent as it is known. I don't know how the
nitros fogger will work (up stream of throttle body).

I have another upper...hmmm...anybody wana trade.

chuck taylor
85.5 GT1 SVO
85 GT conv

ps HALTECH is awesome never had a lick of trouble.