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Re: SVO - svo Digest - V01 #50

On Tue, 9 Dec 1997, Chris Roth wrote:

> So what do you mean "nearly"?  Is this something I should look into 
> for the rebuild to make a really nice motor.  I would assume that 
> with tons of torque, the top end horsepower goes away, is that true?

The bore spacing is the same, you have to have it ground to 2.3 journal
size, and have an adaptor made for the rear crank flange to mate with the
2.3 flywheel pattern and take the stock seal (2.3/302 use a larger
diameter rear seal).  Also you have to turn the snout of the crank down a

All the modifieds run them around here...even with all the machining, you
can do it for about half of a regular stroker crank, plus...it's steel, so
you can weld on it.

 > I am looking for all kinds of ideas for this build on the 86 SVO. 
What would you do for a SVO that is driven on the weekends for fun and
want tons of power? 

I'm partial to the setup I run on the pinto...factory (cheap) parts, and
it's essentially a stocker, until you put your foot (or your thumb) down
-- and it's very dependable .  I won't do a stroker, because if I break
something I'd have to wait for months to get replacements (rods, pistons,
etc).  I have tons of spare parts just lying around, and what I don't have
is just a phone call away.

Gotta go...talk to you soon,