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Re: SVO - svo Digest - V01 #52

On Wed, 10 Dec 1997, Brian Knowles wrote:
> This is possible?  A Toy crank in a 2.3 Ford?  What rods?  The toy crank 
> will live under, say, 20 lb of boost?  Does this require the SVO "tall" 
> block?

Yep -- it's possible, and they do it all the time.  

The 2.3 and the 22R have the same bore spacing.

You have to machine the crank to the 2.3 main journal size (machine the
rod journals to whatever rods you wanna use), turn down the snout to 2.3
size and fab an adaptor plate for the rear to mate with the 2.3 rear
seal...a stroker crank for a 2.3 runs $1300 or so...I'm sure you could
prep this one for half of that. 

As far as the rods...dunno, but as you can well imagine, it's gonna be a
custom deal -- same for the pistons.  The 22R crank is steel, so aside
from the fact that you'll be flinging a big crank around in a small space,
it should live fine -- plus you can weld on it.  The roundy-rounders run
them at 7000+ for 30 laps...much harder on them than running boost. 

My friend has one (Rob)...his is in a "home-made" tall-deck block...I've
*heard* of stock deck motors, but beyond that...?  Seems to me that it
would be a little tight.

Ed?  Any thoughts?

Talk to you soon,