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Re: SVO - svo Digest - V01 #50

On Wed, 10 Dec 1997, Mp23cc wrote:

> Yes this may be true for most camshafts. Our camshaft can be installed without
> any machininf at all. You DO NOT need to remove the cylinder head from the car
> and you DO NOT need to do any machining at all. It is a true bolt in roller
> camshaft kit.

Ok...this is really interesting...when you say "bolt-in" camshaft kit (the
$3XX deal, cam-only)...you're saying that you can run the stock valves,
retainers, keepers, springs, etc. with a .500" lift cam?

If you're talking about the actual "kit" (the $6XX deal)...that comes with
valves, right?  That's not a bolt-in. 

Wanna provide some more specifics on this?  I have the pockets machined in
mine and I run Esslinger doubles, and mine will stack solid at .520" or
so...and I'm sure that the retainer/guide clearance is getting close at
that point in a stocker.

Not to mention the fact that the stock springs will never be able to
handle that much lift...even the "drop-in" "C302" Motorsport springs that
Scott, Cory, Doug, Jay and I have all run will stack much before that if
the pockets aren't machined deeper. 

I have a mock-up head (cracked stocker with stock valves) over at
Web-Cam...I'll be eagerly awaiting your reply, dial indicator at the

Any word on the dyno sheets yet?  Are you guys gonna drop one in a stocker
and see what it does?  Since "It is a true bolt in roller camshaft kit.",
you should be able to do the same thing that Dave did with the XR and the 
Engle, right?

Joe Morgan