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Re: SVO: gutted/rotated upper


<< How di this work,  did you notice a difference in the intercooler.  I 
 have been thinking about putting a 740 Intercoler in front of the 
        I think it helped but I dont have any hard numbers to back it up.  I
think the stock location is not the best place for the intercooler and the 930
one is larger (larger = better ???).  the guy i got the car from had problems
with overheating after putting anintercooler in front of the rad, but thats
where I would put it if I had a big one.

  I have a local Volvo salvage yard with a guy that wants to 
 help me out. 

         what is the size, depth and info on the volvo intercoolers??? 
 This is useful info, do you know if I can take a 87up non-turbo 2.3L 
 upper and cut this down to work? >>

        I think it's better, because on the 87up NT 3 sides are flat, only one
side is rounded... on the 86 SVO one that i have I think 2 or 3 sides are

have fun keep up the boost