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SVO: FW: some brake stuff, to waste time thinking about...

here's some stuff that cam across the EEC-IV list

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> From: Charles Fulton <cf352197@oak.cats.ohiou.edu>
> To: EEC Mail List <eec-efi@umich.edu>
> Subject: Re: COM setup
> Date: Tuesday, December 09, 1997 10:25 PM
> Don Vanco wrote:
> > I agree with al the comments below - but just wanted to add that if you
> > live in a climate that sees a fair amount of moisture cross-drilled
> > don't tend to look too nifty after they get a coat of rust in all the
> > little holes.  There may be some steps you can take to lessen the
> > but eventually they all rust up here in PA.
> > YMMV
> > Don
> > 86 SVO
> > 97 SOHC T-Bird
> Baer Racing offers a zinc wash, like the body of the car was, for the
> that they sell.  I have a set but haven't put them on the car yet so I
> give real world experience but the zinc, in theory, would wear off of
> where the pad touches and keep the holes and fins nice and clean.  Also
the set
> of Wilwood rotors (no special treatments) that I put about 15000 miles on
> ever rust.  The car saw typical Ohio weather (i.e. rain 8 says a week)
and even
> some snow.  They held off against the elements pretty well, unlike a
> ford rotor that's brown in 24 hours.  I once again praise a good piece of
> As far as decreasing brake effectiveness, it should be a minimal loss. 
> whether drilling weakens a rotor or not.  I *should* have little effect
on the
> strength of the rotor, however I can only speak from the perspective of
> and Baer equipment who routinely stop serious race applications NASCAR,
> CART, etc.  For them failure is not an option.  I would definitely
> their stuff.  Goin fast is fun but how many catastrophes could be avoided
if the
> brake were built to the same degree as the engine.
> Charlie