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Re: SVO: Batteries was Loosing Electrical Power

eric wrote:

>  My whole alternator connector melted/mini fire about 2 years ago and now
>have hard wired it together....I am not doing anything bad here, am I?



1)  If you are using the stock wiring you may want to replace it with a
thicker wire (lower gauge).  14 AWG should be adequate.  However you should
retain the fusible link.  You shouldn't bypass the fusible link.  Any direct
connection to the battery should be fused close to the battery to prevent a
fire or other nasty things.

2)  If you replaced the connector with a splice, make sure its a good
splice.  Solder is good.  A crimp butt splice should be OK.  I wouldn't
trust the wires being twisted together or a wire nut with this much current.

Carl Haines