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Re: SVO - svo Digest - V01 #50

On Wed, 10 Dec 1997, CTaylor930 wrote:

>  Well...?  
>  Suppose if we have enough people asking (telling?) Nick-o to "Show me the
>  money!" he'll either show us or go away? ;)
>  Joe  >>
> joe 
> sorry, but I dont get it ???
> I'm sure its just me but your last message needs more info or I dont get it??
> please try agian and I will look back and try to figure out who nick is.
> thanks for the info to get me to this group.


Nick is "mp23cc@aol.com"...I guess he has a shop in NJ that does some 2300
turbo stuff.  I hear that he's the "head guru" on the Merkur list...;)

Anyways, he's been pitching this cam that he "makes" as the best thing
since sliced bread...great power from idle to "redline" (whatever that
means...) Great idle, mileage, a direct bolt-in, blah, blah,
blah..."It will 'support' (?) 350+ HP" quack, quack, quack...

A while back, Dave (runs the SVO list) did a back-to-back test on an XR
with the Engle TCS-55...and it made about 5hp over the stocker...not bad
actually...it would probably make even more compared to some of the goofy
cams out there.

Meanwhile, Nick keeps yapping about his cam...a few of us have started
bugging him to "show us the dyno sheets" from a back-to-back test.  I even
threw him a bone the other day that it would be tougher to do with his
cam, because it didn't just bolt in...now he says it does...;)

Maybe it does work, maybe it doesn't...I just think he ought to put his
camshaft where his mouth is (or vice-versa...)

It's basically a "put-up or shut-up" deal...the rest of us are out there
actually racing and trying stuff, while Nick is sitting there behind the
cash register, getting a free ride on every list he's on, talking trash
about everybody else's stuff.  Nick has a penchant for "feels like"
testing, but he throws around HP figures like they're candy...and he can't
seem to come up with a single dyno sheet to support his claims.  

BTW -- his personal car is a heavily modified XR...all his best
stuff...runs 14.XX at 102...(30's I believe)...a stock SVO will run 14's. 

Feel free to jump in if you want...you're a real racer.  The water is
plenty warm. ;)  I'm trying as best I can to be nice (it's tough), because
dave doesn't like the "hostile" thing...  

So now you're up to speed...;)

Talk to you later,