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SVO: Knocking...help!


	What am I doing wrong here?  I can't seem to get my 86 SVO to 
stop knocking under high boost.  It idles and revs fine, but under full 
boost/throttle in any gear it bucks and pings like crazy.  This summer I 
was willing to play it off as South Texas heat taking its toll or 
rattles setting off the knock sensor, but today it's 50 degrees outside and 
I can hear it knocking.

	I've got the basic mods: 3" downpipe, flows, k&n in stock box, 
155 in tank pump, adj fuel pres reg, stock replacement turbo, stock head 
with small Motorsport cam (I know I'll catch hell for that but it ran 
fine after it was installed...plan to go with the engle at the next 
rebuild), oh yeah, and a TCIC.  Other than that, its got a new TFI, brass 
terminal cap and rotors, new TPS, Bosch Plat plugs, 8mm wires, 8 
degrees BTDC, and I always run 93 octane with the switch to premium.  I 
know the factory boost gauge is junk, but I can usually get the buzzer to 
go off...so I assume it's running about 17-18 psi.  I don't have a bleed 
valve or T-valve to adjust boost so this seems a little high.

	My questions:  What is the correct diameter and length for the 
two lines that run from the compressor outlet and inlet elbow to the, 
taking an educated guess here, boost control valve/solenoid on the strut 

	Next, what is the stock fuel pressure?  I've set mine to 43lbs/40lbs 
running.  Is this to high/low?  I've had it as high as 52lbs/49lbs 
running and it still knocks.  Also I'm using the valve on the fuel rail 
not the firewall to check it.  Is this right?

	Any suggestions/comments would be greatly appreciated.

85 & sick86 SVOs