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Re: SVO: Floyd's Hi-po Tractor (was Road Atlanta)

In a message dated 97-12-10 13:16:41 EST, Carl_Morris@StorTek.Com writes:

<< All,
 	Speaking of garden tractors and SVOs, a guy wrote to
 the Fordnatics list a while back asking for hi-po 2.3 info.
 Apparently there's an unlimited class for garden tractors at
 tractor pulls in some parts of the country.  The unlimiteds
 run car 4 cylinders and any/all power adders are allowed.
 He was wanting to go with the all-out 9K RPM stroker NA route,
 but I tried to get him to consider turbo/nitrous on one of
 our motors, and referred him to Joe.  I was just laughing
 thinking about what a hellacious ride one of those must be.
I have the donor tractor if anyone wants to help put a project like this
together.(have the motor too)

Paul (CCA Pres.)