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Re: SVO:-- Help on Fog Lights

At 05:35 PM 12/10/97 EST, SVO8ntno50 wrote:
>I did some checking into this and yes these lights are expensive(too
>expensive). But anyway, Here is what I can get them for(if anyone knows a
>cheaper source let me know)
>Complete light New $108.18
>Replacement Lens$77.12
>I know replacement bulbs are available at pep boys etc.
>Paul (CCA Pres.)

Paul, et. al.,

(Don't know if this was discussed before...couldn't find the other e-mail
on this)

One thing that helps with the price of just the lens is that (if I'm not
mistaken) it includes a new bulb, and I would also guess a new reflector
and socket (basically everything except the black metal housing). (Not that
I'm suggesting this is such a great bargain compared to an entire unit.)

If you're serious about buying brand new ones, Jim Dingell at Performance
Parts Inc. <ppi@mnsinc.com> has some complete fog lights and covers
(available separately) so you might just give him an e-mail.