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I recently joined list and have been impressed with the amount of
knowledge you guys have, I also joined the "guru" SVO and TC list to
help me get up to speed on these cars again........I own an 86 Mustang
LX coupe with a 88 T-bird turbo 2.3, T-5, and (unfortunately) the stock
Mustang non Traction Lok 7.5 rear. I bought if off of a friend of mine
to use as a winter car while my 93 LX 5.0 and 71 Olds are in storage for
the winter (I live in Mass).  I ended up selling the 93 and decided I
would like to fix up the Mustang or swap the engine/trans into a 87-up
Mustang coupe......I would like to get it to run low 14's to high 13's
without spending too much dough......I also used to own (sold in '95) a
79 Pinto which had a 86 SVO 2.3, 84 SVO T-5 and 84 GT 7.5 rear, this car
was really neat and it ran a best of 13.9's and it got me back and forth
to school everyday....I REALLY wish I had keep this car, I miss it bad

When I was doing up the Pinto (back in '89) I originally bought a 86 TC
engine but was swayed into putting an SVO engine in there instead cause
of the better computer, intercooler, larger air meter etc......Are there
many differences between the 86 SVO and 87-88 TC engines???? I did
notice that it has a different turbo and intake. I have read the IC is
better, its definitely bigger!!! Does it have the larger air meter??????

Thanks in Advance!!!

71 Cutlass S 455
86 Mustang LX w/ 88 T-Bird turbo 2.3