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Re: SVO - svo Digest - V01 #50

On Wed, 10 Dec 1997, Mp23cc wrote:

> No not at all, our KIT is a bolt in. You DO NOT HAVE TO REMOVE THE cylinder
> head. Our kit does not come with valves becasue  you do not need them. You can
> run the stock Ford valves.

I'm gonna measure the stocker tomorrow...I was gonna do it today, but I
forgot to bring a couple of seals with me. I wonder why mine (with longer
valves and cut pockets) will barely get .500" but a stocker will do it by
swapping just the stuff on top?  The valvejob and seats were done by

> Yes Chris will be installing one in his car very soon. On the 27th we will be
> going to the dyno. I will bring a 1986 SVO to test. The car has a Borla
> exhaust, a 3'' downpipe - and cat and a Spearco intercooler.
> This will be a good test, the exhaust system is not as good as the one on
> Chris's car.

So, you're gonna dyno the SVO,  then swap in the cam and see what the
difference is, just like Dave did?  

> But this should not change anything, some list members feel that
> the 3'' pipe does not do much anyway.

You obviously weren't listening (or reading) the posts...because that
wasn't what they said.  They said that it wouldn't do squat with a stock
cat and rear exhaust...I don't see how anybody with more than a couple of
functional synapses can disagree with that. 

> Chris also has a nice intercooler system on his car, so again this
> would be even. He has been running our camshaft for over one year now. 

This isn't the same "Chris" that's on Dave's page, is it?  He has an
Engle in his car, right?  That might be a decent "test"...put your cam
into the same car that got the Engle -- then you'd have a legitimate test
-- same car, same dyno, same (almost) everything...no "tweaking"
(degreeing) allowed, unless you do it for all of them.

Sounds fair to you right?  Will he let you try it? That might be worth the
cost of a plane ticket...:)

Joe Morgan