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Re: SVO: Burning oil

Andrew wrote:

>>My car has been burning oil for a while and for quite some time I thought 
that I just needed to do a valve grind and while I was at it I would have 
the turbo rebuilt (hasn't been touched in 10 years).  But the more I think 
about it the more I believe that the valve guides are fine but it is the 

     Just going through my folders and found your original post, I think I 
     have a different view from the others.
     While I believe some of your symptoms point to the valve stem seals, 
     there is another way oil can get into the intake tract.  It is from 
     the valve cover breather/oil separator, which leads into the turbo 
     inlet.  Oil is pushed past the separator which is caused by excessive 
     crankcase pressure from piston ring blowby, this generally happens 
     when you are in the boost.  If the accordion hose shows any pooling of 
     oil and the intercooler hoses have an oily residue on the inside, then 
     this is a sure sign of this dilemma.  I do not think that this means 
     your engine needs a rebuild, mine is running 13.7x's with this 
     condition, it just means your engine is showing some signs of normal 
     I have cured this problem with a homemade secondary oil separator, 
     that I have mounted behind my evaporator canister under the frame 
     rail.  Since I did this about 3 years ago, my intake tract has stayed 
     clean and dry.  You can build it yourself using simple parts from your 
     local hardware store or I may be interested in making up a few, if 
     there is enough interest for this item on the list.  I am also putting 
     together a little article, which is about 60% complete, for the SVOOA. 
     Let me know if anyone would be interested in a copy when it is done.
     Hope this helps in some way.
     '86 SVO
     '97 XR7

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