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Re: SVO: Modern Performance

That's ok, Dirk...

There's *one* person (maybe two) out here that has a 2.3 that goes faster
than 13's...I'll let you guess who that is.  I'd LOVE some company here in
the 10's -- I'm positive that the chance to compare notes with someone
else would be positive for both of us.

I'm always on the lookout for ways to make my car faster, but as far as I
can see from here, besides "feels much faster"-type testimony from persons
such as yourself, Nick's claims don't seem to have much basis in fact (or
timeslips)...I may not have "close associations" with all the "engineers"
you do ... maybe I could be faster if I hung out with the same people you
hang out with -- how fast is your car again? ;)  

If you've got some hard information, feel free to lay it out here, just
like I've done -- every single nut and bolt is out there on display...I'm
not hiding anything, I spill everthing -- warts and all -- for free and on
a nearly 24 hour basis.

That said, if there is/was/were... tests/results/proof or some other type
of actual evidence that his cam or anything else has actually worked...I'd
be the first one in line to try it. 

Every single person that I've ever talked to who has had contact with Nick
(personally) says he's a great guy.  I don't doubt that a bit.  What I
*do* doubt is that his stuff is all he says it is...if it was, his 358HP
XR would be faster than my 225 HP Ranger or my 175 HP bone-stock '84
SVO...wouldn't you agree?

Joe Morgan