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SVO: Re: Modern Performance

Craig wrote:
> (There is a big lesson here for
>all the young engineering students.....next books and pure theory is a far
>from the real world of engineering)

I think this is because this is text book *theory* is not hard facts.
Theory can good at predicting things to a point.  Real life experimentation
is the only way I know to get the true answer.  Also,  theory can be
misapplied to situations or it can apply well but something important gets
left out of the equation....  After all we are human and *do* make mistakes.

>I have compared in my own car the stock cam....runs out of power about
>5000Erpm...the ETS roller....poor idle, no low end or mid range but a
>top end, and Nicks cam...stock like idle, good low and mid range and killer
>high top end for as high as u want to go.  (Just like he advertises) And
>NO...i don't have dyno numbers or track times...i could't care less about
>really, when the car runs and feels that much stronger by the seat of my
>pants....thats what is important to me....and most people who use their
>as daily drivers on the street.

It's good to here from someone who actually has Nick's cam.  I love to see
hard data, so I just gotta see the dyno sheets.

Since, most people have their cars as daily drivers, how has you gas mileage
been since you installed the cam?

I would like to hear from anyone else that has Nick's cam.  I'm considering
it as a replacement for my FMS roller.

Carl Haines
86 SVO