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Re: SVO: Modern Performance

DIRKPIT777 wrote:

> <plenty o' good valid points>

> Don't get me wrong, to question and debate things is great, everyone learns in
> the process and people will ALWAYS have differing OPIONS....this is a good
> thing and keeps us all objective.

I'm glad we agree on this.

> <complaints about people's aggressiveness with Nick>

> I have compared in my own car the stock cam....runs out of power about
> 5000Erpm...the ETS roller....poor idle, no low end or mid range but a killer
> top end, and Nicks cam...stock like idle, good low and mid range and killer
> high top end for as high as u want to go.  (Just like he advertises) And
> NO...i don't have dyno numbers or track times...i could't care less about them
> really, when the car runs and feels that much stronger by the seat of my
> pants....thats what is important to me....and most people who use their cars
> as daily drivers on the street.
> Even if  dyno numbers were not to show any gain.....I love the way if FEELS.

That's great for you.  You bought a product and it does what you want.
For people who go to the track, though, the numbers are much more
important that how it feels.  Joe has gone TENS with a cam that costs
only 25% as much as Nick's, he seems like the appropriate guy to be
asking these questions.

> Why don't one or BOTH of you put YOUR money where YOUR big mouths are. Surely
> between the two of you, you can come up with the money........buy one of his
> cams and do the tests yourselves....you won't believe the results any other
> way anyways.......I wonder....if you are proved WRONG if you will be MEN (have
> the manners) enought to admit it and publicly applogize.

It's normal for the vendor to supply the data to back up their claims,
and then send their product out for independent review...if they want
to be taken seriously by customers who's only concern is the numerical
performance gain that they will see with their combination.  As an
engineering manager, would you authorize the purchase of hardware from 
vendors who's data books were vague on the exact specs, and the 
conditions under which they were obtained?

> Believe me, if I were Nick, my responses to both of you would be FAR less
> cordial then his have been.
> So who are you children going to pick on and try to drive out of business
> next?...I have a few suggestions.....One of them still owes me $600 for a mass
> air kit that didn't work and was returned 5 months ago....and the check is in
> the mail....again.

Speaking of which...I respect Nick for hanging in here even with all
the pressure he gets.  But I will only be impressed by back to back
dyno sessions with all other things being kept equal, and all relevant
details published at the same time.  If he doesn't want to do that,
I'm sure someone else would be willing to, but no one wants to PAY
to do his testing.  Now I realize that at one particular time, with
one particular combination he made 3 hundred and twenty-something
horsepower, but I'd like to know how much more that was than the
exact same combination with a different, known performance cam.
I don't think that's too much to ask...

Now Steve at ETS, he's just a dirtball, as you've found out.  If he
were on this list, you wouldn't want Joe and Cory going easy on him, 
now would you? ;-)