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Re: SVO: Modern Performance

On Thu, 11 Dec 1997 rumoving@bellsouth.net wrote:

> As an outside observer here (I don't know but maybe one or two list
> members personally) and I'm more into the 'show' part than 'go' as far
> as SVOs are concerned...alot of you guys DO come across with a severe
> attitudes. Usually, the ones that don't even own a SVO..yet you're SVO
> mailing list. 

I'd like to find a deal on some original fenders for my SVO ("SVOs",
actually, since I have 2)...have any ideas?  I'm the Ford parts
guy-turned-student, remember?  I love my white SVO, even if it looks like
a bucket of bolts...it runs great, looks great (inside) and everything
works (except for the rear defroster)...and it runs mid-14's on 12
PSI(stock, unmodified valve), with the air cleaner lid off. 

> A simple statement of "show me some real world data" is about as far as
> it needs to go. Repeated muliple replies complaining about price and
> lack of performance numbers does sound a little childish. Almost to the
> point of 'bashing'...EGO inflated quotes doesn't improve your opinion
> either.

..."show me some real world data" has been repeated so many times on
here...nobody is or was getting anywhere with it...same-ol-same-ol...maybe
we should have another gas mileage testimonial or two?  ;)

For the life of me, I can't understand why somebody can't pull off the
same thing Dave did with the XR...seriously folks -- that's about as
honest a test as can be done.  Since the cam is a "bolt in", it would be
about the same amount of work to put in as the Engle was -- then there
would finally be some quantifiable data to talk about.

Send me one of them and I'll stick it in either the SVO or the truck and
see what it does -- but I'm not buying a pig-in-a-poke.  I'm not the one
who was complaining about the price...;)

I'm not out to "bash" anyone...for that matter, I've been "bashed" more
than most...primarily because I lay it all out on the line for everyone to

> Ever thought about carrying this discussion to a 2.3 liter performance
> list?
Sure...we can and do...I'm on a few different lists, and I get a fair
amount of traffic from Scott and Cory's pages that keeps me pretty busy 
in addition to school and (new) homeowner stuff, along with racing,
working, etc... you?

Talk to you soon,
Joe Morgan

*off to go deliver a car and some K&N's, then come back to school to
study for my last final, then go home and pull the engine out of the
Pinto, then finish the bathroom, then paint the wall in the living