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Re: SVO: RE: RE:Header VS. POrted manifold

You can identify the late model manifold as it does not have a plug in it.  It does have a much bigger opening at the turbo flange and I've heard it does flow better.

I don't doubt the manifold works well and it certianly is affordable but I don't think it'll ever outperform a properly designed header.  Headers can be tuned to work well within a given RPM range, the exhaust manifold is just designed to fit.  I'm not passing judgement on who's header actually works, just that a header CAN certianly be made which outperforms any stock 2.3T manifold in the RPM range it was made to operate in.

A good point which was made is that the headers won't retain heat nearly as well as the cast manifold since the walls are much thinner.  On a turbo the exhaust velocity into the turnine is very important and keeping the exhaust heat high help keep the energy up.  In other words, the headers should be coated.

Hey, while were all bashing people anyone ever read the Mathew Davis book?  He seems like a excellent SVO reference and a good guy.  His SVO makes 400 hp (I bet you all believe that) and his books do make excellent bathroom reading.

Ron L.
85.5 SVO
90 Grand Am
79 Malibu Wagon