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Re: SVO: Modern Performance

joseph edward morgan wrote:> 
> I'd like to find a deal on some original fenders for my SVO ("SVOs",
> actually, since I have 2)...have any ideas?  I'm the Ford parts
> guy-turned-student, remember?  I love my white SVO, even if it looks like
> a bucket of bolts...it runs great, looks great (inside) and everything
> works (except for the rear defroster)...and it runs mid-14's on 12
> PSI(stock, unmodified valve), with the air cleaner lid off.

Strickly Ford, Kendal Coker, that philly Tim guy,....and no, I don't
remember...am I suppose to know you?
> ..."show me some real world data" has been repeated so many times on
> here...nobody is or was getting anywhere with it...same-ol-same-ol...maybe
> we should have another gas mileage testimonial or two?  ;)

Jeez...repeating youself again? Once again...
* Repeated muliple replies complaining about price and *
* "lack of performance numbers" does sound a little childish.*

> For the life of me, I can't understand why somebody can't pull off the
> same thing Dave did with the XR...seriously folks -- that's about as
> honest a test as can be done.  Since the cam is a "bolt in", it would be
> about the same amount of work to put in as the Engle was -- then there
> would finally be some quantifiable data to talk about.

This is whinning..and has been stated before.

> I'm not out to "bash" anyone...for that matter, I've been "bashed" more
> than most...primarily because I lay it all out on the line for everyone to
> see.

Then you know how fun is to be on the receiving end???...If you don't
believe his claims, price or whatever, then don't buy or recommend it,
but please quit carrying on about it.

> Sure...we can and do...I'm on a few different lists, and I get a fair
> amount of traffic from Scott and Cory's pages that keeps me pretty busy
> in addition to school and (new) homeowner stuff, along with racing,
> working, etc... you?

Are you bragging? Trying to lower me to a level beneath you with the
"etc, you?"? My life along with everyone elses in this world is a very
hectic object to jugle. If my life seems better or easier than
yours....it might be from hard work.

Bottom line...lay off the guy. If he has a product everyone wants, it'll
sell. If he's full of hot air, that will come out too and he'll have to
change his ways to stay in business. This isn't nothing new.

This is my last comment on the subject. If you insist on conversating
about it, please reply "off-list".

Bud Morton