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Re: SVO: RE: RE:Header VS. POrted manifold

 What book is that???!!Never heard of it.
At 02:30 PM 12/11/97 -0500, Ronald Larsen wrote:
>You can identify the late model manifold as it does not have a plug in it.
 It does have a much bigger opening at the turbo flange and I've heard it
does flow better.
>I don't doubt the manifold works well and it certianly is affordable but I
don't think it'll ever outperform a properly designed header.  Headers can
be tuned to work well within a given RPM range, the exhaust manifold is
just designed to fit.  I'm not passing judgement on who's header actually
works, just that a header CAN certianly be made which outperforms any stock
2.3T manifold in the RPM range it was made to operate in.
>A good point which was made is that the headers won't retain heat nearly
as well as the cast manifold since the walls are much thinner.  On a turbo
the exhaust velocity into the turnine is very important and keeping the
exhaust heat high help keep the energy up.  In other words, the headers
should be coated.
>Hey, while were all bashing people anyone ever read the Mathew Davis book?
 He seems like a excellent SVO reference and a good guy.  His SVO makes 400
hp (I bet you all believe that) and his books do make excellent bathroom
>Ron L.
>85.5 SVO
>90 Grand Am
>79 Malibu Wagon