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SVO: Re: Modern Performance

> but offer no solutions or help yourself.

Just had to say in Joes behalf...I emailed him with a few questions and he was more then happy to help me
out.   Seemed like he responded almost right away.   People like him are 1 of the reasons I am on the
list.   With the prices of performance products for are
cars we need people like him to help weed out the scam artists (seems like most of the vendors out there
are).  Plus with a 10 second 2.3 Turbo no matter what car its in,  Its obvious to me he knows what hes
talking about.

As for the statements about showing raw proof of the cam....i agree showing before and after results is
the way to make a product speek for itself.   I just spent quite a few bucks rebuilding my motor, new
turbo, and some headwork...and am looking for a cam to replace my motorsport roller, but iam not gonna
blow that much cash on a cam that I was 'told' is gonna do 'everything' for me.

Brian - "not trying to bash anyone, just adding my 2 cents" -
'85 Svo - Hopefully when running again will beat this damn Turbocharged VR6 Jetta,  Ugggh! :)