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SVO: Is the Roller a true "bolt-in"

On Wed, 10 Dec 1997, Mp23cc wrote:

> No not at all, our KIT is a bolt in. You DO NOT HAVE TO REMOVE THE
> cylinder head. Our kit does not come with valves becasue you do not need
> them.  You can run the stock Ford valves. 

Hold on a second here...digging around in my mail archives:

Date: Sun, 7 Dec 1997 01:28:34 EST
From: Mp23cc <Mp23cc@aol.com>
To: ericksco@mhd1.moorhead.msus.edu, svo@SMARTWORX.COM
Subject: Re: SVO:  Roller cam dyno results...

As for a guarantee on performance, yes if you build the motor just like we
have done you will made the same power. You are not going to install our
camshaft into a stock 2.3 turbo and make 328 hp but then again no one
thinks this way. Thanks again


If the cam is a complete bolt on, then what _else_ do I have to do to
"build" the motor to make 328 hp? How am I supposed to "think" to make
this cam work? You just said above that the cam IS a bolt-in. So is it? I
believe my original question was "how much power can I make with your
cam?" including the specs and mods for my motor, trans, and rearend. You
really didn't answer me did you? I want an answer before you run off to
the dyno: 

"how much power can I make with your cam? [bolt-in]"

You keep throwing around these 300+ horse numbers, but they are totally
skewed and inacurate! I would be just as wrong to throw on my gutted
intake (that's for sale cheap!) and the Engle and a 50 horse pill, bring
it to the dyno and add 20% of the wheel horse for an estimate of flywheel
horse and claim "Make 400 hp with gutted upper intake!" Now doesn't that
sound misleading does it? It sounds to me like that's what you're doing... 
One last time:

"how much power can I make with your cam? [bolt-in]"

No mods...bone stock '88 TC motor. I only have a K&N cone. Hell, I run
stock 16-17 psi of boost through a C-3 automatic with and 3.25 open 8"


Cory (the Pitbull)