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Re: SVO Rear Wing Repair Procedure

Greetings to all...

	I saw a few people interested in fixing the SVO upper wing from 
sagging. There is an excellent way to fix it in a way that looks 
unmodified while increasing the strenght 100 fold. That way is to use a 
section of electrical conduit (galvanized steel or aluminum). 

	The biggest problem you will have is separating the two sections 
(unfortunatly, removing the screws across the bottom do not do anything, 
most I have seen and fixed have been broken anyway). Once apart, bend the 
conduit to fit in the rear section of the wing. Remove just enough of the 
factory foam to place the conduit and epoxy the wing back together. 
That's it. Nothing magical about it. Use a regular automotive grade epoxy 
and it will never sag or come apart again. 

	Warning! If you are not very good at body work (fiberglass, 
bondo, etc.), I do not recommend you do this. The last three wings that I 
pulled apart did so under protest and shattered. So unless you can get 
the wing apart with minimal force, do not do it. The wing I am currently 
working on came apart in several large and small pieces, requiring much 
work. The wings are very fexible, but time and sunlight seems to make 
them brittle, so be careful!

	For those of you suffering from sagging wings, e-mail me direct 
at clee@eg570.egclassic.com. I have a spare wing that I can fix and 
exchange for your wing and cash. Everytime I fix a wing, and exhange can 
take place. Let me know if anybody is interested, I'll fix my spare wing.
These can take anywhere from 5 to 15 hour to fix, so patience is a blessing.
I'll be up front with the price so you can make your own decission. Wing 
repaired (includeds other repairs than reinforcing conduit) to like new 
condition - $150.00 + shipping. I would like to offer them cheaper, but 
the epoxy is expensive and unfortunately, I can't work for free (haven't 
hit the lotto yet).

	If I can be of service, let me know. By the way, we are still 
making new leather seats with perforations here at E&G Classics, Price is 
still $695.00 for all four seats and $595 front seats only. We have 
enough leather for four (4) more kits. If interested, call me at 800 394 
2774 and we'll talk shop....

	Until later.......

	Lee Clary
	Evolution 2.3