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Re: SVO: Floyd's Hi-po Tractor (was Road Atlanta)

>   If I divide 12.2 mph into 60 mins I get 4.9180 which I guess is 1
> mile in 4.918 mins so if I divide that by 4 it should tell me what
> time it took to get 1/4 mile which is 1.2295 mins but you still got to
> add the msec to hit the max speed which is .01667 so the total is
> 1.24617 mins or 74.770 seconds for the 1/4 mile. 
> I sort of winged the calcs so don't flame me on it and anyway at that
> ET I don't think slight errors is going to help much. If their is
> someone in NJ who is willing to lend me one of those G-Force 1/4 mile
> meters or some dyno time. I could give you some real hard figures :) I
> think the tractor might be too slow to be able to get figures from a
> G-Tech or Dyno.
>  >>

        And I thought I had alot of spare time :)
  You guys should join the "Pro Street Lawnmowers Association".  And yes,
that IS a real group.

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