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Re: SVO - svo Digest - V01 #54

Hi Grinch :)

> give us an independent (wishful thinking), unbiased, back-to-back dyno
See, now this piece is SNIDE.  THIS is what people are complaining about...

> much. If this were to happen on one of the GOOD moderated lists, like the

So, you want it moderated, now?

HAHA, I was snide :)

> There is no right or wrong here. We just want to see hard evidence before
> we lay out the cash. I can't believe people bellyache about that! "You

> are a little fishy though. He's had this cam for 2 (?) years now? You
> to tell me that he doesn't have these kind of numbers on hand for back to
> back tests? I like the independent cam test idea. If it turned out that
> his cam worked really good I would be one of the first to purchase one
> the price for given performance issue was resolved that is).

Guys, it costs MONEY, and TIME to do a dyno test. Ask me how I know...
WB DynoTech gave me the wheel time for FREE.  Thank them, next time you're
on their site.  
You do visit it right?  
Mike, Chris, and I put in the cam for free.  Chris bought the cam for the
same price everybody else pays.  I havn't sold even ONE since those results
came out.  So, actually I would be better off if I HADN'T dyno tested it. 
This is risky territory,  can you get dyno tests for ANY OTHER CAM IN THE
WORLD?  You're damned right you can't.  So you (all of you, not just Cory)
HAVE been badgering Nick.

So, what I mean by that, is....  So far, Nick has sold SEVERAL (alot) of
the cams, and hasn't had to spend money on dyno testing it.  I doubt he
makes what dyno testing it would cost him (with free labor), on 3 cam
sales.  So, in reality, there's probably only 2 cam sales on this list, the
rest are just poking and prodding.  So, it doesn't make economic sense to
dyno test it.  But, actually, it WILL happen soon.  Pretty decent of the
man, I think.  HE IS putting his money where his mouth is.


So, let's just wait, and we WILL see, OK?

Besides, I want Craig to tell us all about his TC.  He removed Esslingers'
cam and put in Nick's, and likes it better.  (BTW, that IS good enough for
most people).  He took off Esslinger's turbo and put on Nick's and likes it
MUCH better.

You prolly couldn't round up ten dyno sheets like I did in the whole
freakin' world!  ON ANY CAM!! EVER!

Ads in magazines don't count, remember you can only change ONE thing.

climbing down now...
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