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Re: Holy shit...

On Thu, 11 Dec 1997, joseph edward morgan wrote:
> Dave is gonna be pissed...
> Here I am, trying to play nice...geez Cory...you used to be such a nice
> young man -- you've been hanging around that hooligan Scott Shidel,
> haven't you? ;) 

I'm just really stressed about finals and graduation...I feel a lot better
now though ;) That guy really hit me though...I can't believe some of the
things he said and how I (we) just cut down on people and don't help out.

> For the last week, the Mustang II list has been talking about insurance
> rates...*yawn*...I'd rather be "arguing" (benchracing) than comparing
> insurance rates...I thought it had been pretty civilized until now... 

hehe...yeah, it's pretty dry stuff on there.