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Re: SVO - svo Digest - V01 #54

On Thu, 11 Dec 1997, Dave Compton wrote:

> Guys, it costs MONEY, and TIME to do a dyno test. Ask me how I know...
> WB DynoTech gave me the wheel time for FREE.  Thank them, next time you're
> on their site.  
> You do visit it right?  
> http://www.woodbridge-dynotech.com 

Like I told you before...totally cool site.  I hope they (you) do more
stuff like the XR/Engle deal. 

> Mike, Chris, and I put in the cam for free.  Chris bought the cam for the
> same price everybody else pays.  I havn't sold even ONE since those results
> came out.  So, actually I would be better off if I HADN'T dyno tested it. 

That's also why I admire the fact that you've got the cajones to lay it
all out there, even if it doesn't work out like you planned.

> This is risky territory,  can you get dyno tests for ANY OTHER CAM IN THE
> WORLD?  You're damned right you can't.  So you (all of you, not just Cory)
> HAVE been badgering Nick.

If we've been "badgering" him about his cam...it's only because there has
never been another cam on the face of the planet that has been so
over-sold -- I swear I've never heard such a load of crap in my life...not
all of it comes from Nick himself, but most of it does...

Anybody else ever heard of a 290* (advertised) cam on 111 centers that
idles smoother than a stocker and delivers increased gas mileage, while
simultaneously delivering better low and mid-range performance, along with
phenomenal "top end" performance that pulls as high as you want to rev it?

Fine, it's only 221@.050", but that's one hell of a slow ramp, and one
hell of a lot of overlap...I seem to recall some of the posts from this
spring that described how agressive a particular MP-equipped car sounded.

> So, what I mean by that, is....  So far, Nick has sold SEVERAL (alot) of
> the cams, and hasn't had to spend money on dyno testing it.  I doubt he
> makes what dyno testing it would cost him (with free labor), on 3 cam
> sales.

The going rate for a dyno is what 50-75/hr?  I'm sure that since he
doesn't actually grind them himself, he doesn't have all that much wrapped
up in them...maybe we could all take up a collection...I'll pitch in $20

> So, in reality, there's probably only 2 cam sales on this list, the
> rest are just poking and prodding.  So, it doesn't make economic sense to
> dyno test it.

I'm one of the "potentials"...and it *does* make sense if he wants to sell
them to anybody who's serious about performance, and not just "tickling
his keyboard".

> Besides, I want Craig to tell us all about his TC.  He removed Esslingers'
> cam and put in Nick's, and likes it better.  (BTW, that IS good enough for
> most people).  He took off Esslinger's turbo and put on Nick's and likes it
> MUCH better.

Good for him...I like my stuffy that sits on the dash of the Pinto,
too...but barring any conclusive proof, I'm not gonna make any performance
claims for him. ;)  He works well for a traction indicator -- when I pull
a wheelie, he flies to the back of the car. :p

> You prolly couldn't round up ten dyno sheets like I did in the whole
> freakin' world!  ON ANY CAM!! EVER!
How about a few hundred timeslips?

> Ads in magazines don't count, remember you can only change ONE thing.

That's all we wanted in the first place...I'm glad we could finally come
to an agreement. :)

> climbing down now...

Watch your step! :)

Joe Morgan
*marveling at how far it is to get up there*