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Re: SVO - svo Digest - V01 #54

On Thu, 11 Dec 1997, Dave Compton wrote:

> > give us an independent (wishful thinking), unbiased, back-to-back dyno
>                                        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> See, now this piece is SNIDE.  THIS is what people are complaining about...

Not trying to be "snide", but isn't his numbers a little misleading? 32X
hp? It definitely mislead me! Wouldn't you agree that if he _meant_ for
viewers to be mislead by advertising such a high number that he would be
biased in selling his product? That's why there are independent testers
and companies fear them.

> > much. If this were to happen on one of the GOOD moderated lists, like the
> So, you want it moderated, now?
> HAHA, I was snide :)

Just making a point. If you've ever been on the GN list you'd see what I
mean. They're REAL picky when a new vendor starts advertising on the list.

> > he's had this cam for 2 (?) years now? You mean
> > to tell me that he doesn't have these kind of numbers on hand for back to
> > back tests? I like the independent cam test idea. If it turned out that
> > his cam worked really good I would be one of the first to purchase one
> (if
> > the price for given performance issue was resolved that is).
> Guys, it costs MONEY, and TIME to do a dyno test. Ask me how I know...
> WB DynoTech gave me the wheel time for FREE.  Thank them, next time you're
> on their site.  
> You do visit it right?  
> http://www.woodbridge-dynotech.com 

And I (and others) thank you for a very well documented session. Now think
about what you typed above. You to my knowledge you are not a vendor by
trade, are you? Nick is, and owns his own machine shop. That is his
livelyhood.  So tell me how you can afford the time and money to test a
cam but he can't? That is a retorical question. I know that Nick is
dynoing his cam and that is very respectful. And about the big bucks to
rent a dyno...we ACTUALLY have a dynojet in Fargo, ND (it's about time!).
Performance Auto, the store that owns it, charges $30 for several good
runs or $50 for an hour. Hell, I am a full time student that works 20
hours a week and I could afford to dyno my car (see my homepage for
details). On top of that, most automotive product and service prices are
much higher here in the middle of nowhere then they are in bigger cities.
That is chicken feed for anyone who wants to make a living selling
automotive products. 

> Mike, Chris, and I put in the cam for free.  Chris bought the cam for the
> same price everybody else pays.  I havn't sold even ONE since those results
> came out.  So, actually I would be better off if I HADN'T dyno tested it. 

Why not find someone with a stock '84 SVO like yours or a TC and re-do the
testing? You said the Engle made your car faster (you even had numbers to
show there too). I know the Engle was a big improvement over the stock TC
cam. I'm sure you can make up for the loss. If I get to the dyno again
soon, you can use my numbers if you wish (everything's the same, sans
mechanical fan and TC cam). It's not back-to-back granted...

> dyno test it.  But, actually, it WILL happen soon.  Pretty decent of the
> man, I think.

I agree, Nick is a real sport for dynoing his cam.

> So, let's just wait, and we WILL see, OK?

You don't have to shout! :) I will be waiting...