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SVO: Re: Modern Perf

> Date: Thu, 11 Dec 1997 10:22:19 -0600
> From: rumoving@bellsouth.net
> Subject: Re: SVO:  Modern Performance
> As an outside observer here (I don't know but maybe one or two list
> members personally) and I'm more into the 'show' part than 'go' as far
> as SVOs are concerned...alot of you guys DO come across with a severe
> attitudes. Usually, the ones that don't even own a SVO..yet you're SVO
> mailing list. 

SVO no, 2.3 yes. I might buy an SVO some day if they ever become
reasonably priced around here (Fargo, ND). I do feel, however, that
returning the 2.3 turbo back to its roots (Pinto) is a true artform. I am
on this mailing list to learn more about the SVO as well as my motor (88
TC). I feel that I can add constructive comments (and criticism) that will
better the list as a whole. I am not on here to make trouble.

> Almost to the
> point of 'bashing'...EGO inflated quotes doesn't improve your opinion
> either.

I am not making any points...I am just requesting more information (read:
hard evidence). I am not making any claims.

> Ever thought about carrying this discussion to a 2.3 liter performance
> list?

You're right, from now on all 2.3 related discussion will occur on  a
different list :) (J/K)

That was SNIDE :)