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Re: SVO - svo Digest - V01 #54

Dave Compton wrote:

> So, you want it moderated, now?
> HAHA, I was snide :)

Yeah you were! ;-)  That's cool, though.

> Mike, Chris, and I put in the cam for free.  Chris bought the cam for the
> same price everybody else pays.  I havn't sold even ONE since those results
> came out.  So, actually I would be better off if I HADN'T dyno tested it.
> This is risky territory,  can you get dyno tests for ANY OTHER CAM IN THE
> WORLD?  You're damned right you can't.  So you (all of you, not just Cory)
> HAVE been badgering Nick.

Everything you're saying is true.  Doing a truly objective test on any
product that you want to sell is risky.  Every magazine I know of simply
says every product is the greatest and you should buy it.  Then they
have some bogus comparison to "prove" why.  We've all lived with that
our whole lives, and I for one, am sick of it.  So you have to decide,
do you want this list to be more like a magazine, or more like a bull
session between friends who generally know what they're talking about
and are willing to call each other on anything that sounds a little
fishy?  I say we have enough magazines ;-).

> So, what I mean by that, is....  So far, Nick has sold SEVERAL (alot) of
> the cams, and hasn't had to spend money on dyno testing it.

Nothing personal to anyone who's bought his cam, but I don't understand
why a person would buy an unverified performance part, and then not test
it themselves either.  If they don't care what the performance is, why
change anything in the first place?  If you have bought it and tested
it, by all means, tell us how it did!  I have untested parts on my car
because I used to buy stuff in hopes that it would make me faster without
really knowing.  To this day I have no idea if they are helping or not.  
I've been too lazy to take them off, or test them, so I'd be talking 
out my butt if I told you all that you should buy them.

> I doubt he
> makes what dyno testing it would cost him (with free labor), on 3 cam
> sales.  So, in reality, there's probably only 2 cam sales on this list, the
> rest are just poking and prodding.  So, it doesn't make economic sense to
> dyno test it.  But, actually, it WILL happen soon.  Pretty decent of the
> man, I think.  HE IS putting his money where his mouth is.

Great.  I truly hope Nicks cam kicks some serious butt, and we all sit
with jaws agape, staring unbelievingly (in a good way ;-) at our screens
when we view the results.  More sales WILL result.  Not just now, but
for years down the road, because the questions will have been put to
rest once and for all.  It's not like he should do it as a favor to us,
he should do it to make money.

> Besides, I want Craig to tell us all about his TC.  He removed Esslingers'
> cam and put in Nick's, and likes it better.  (BTW, that IS good enough for
> most people).  He took off Esslinger's turbo and put on Nick's and likes it
> MUCH better.

And we're just hoping to figure out whether we would like it better
BEFORE we spend the money.  Most people can't afford to experiment a
lot with expensive parts.  It only makes sense for the person who's
trying to make money on the part to do the experimenting...AND share
the data that proves why his is best.  If Craig has some data to share
that would be great.

> You prolly couldn't round up ten dyno sheets like I did in the whole
> freakin' world!  ON ANY CAM!! EVER!

Your right, and that's a sad commentary on our society and how
BS is what sells parts.  Anyone who wants to sell to us will just
have to deal with the fact that we're not like the average magazine

> Ads in magazines don't count, remember you can only change ONE thing.

Exactly!  I have no problem with dropping the subject until results
are available.  If you want a great example of what this list could 
become, check out the DSM guys.  The vendors on that list are running 
11s and now have gotten one car into the tens without nitrous.  It makes
people a lot more confident about buying from them when they know it's
the same parts...