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Re: SVO: RE:Header VS. POrted manifold

At 10:38 AM 12/11/97 -0500, FFASTSVO wrote:
>  It seems with all the answers I have gotten on this subject, that it would
>be advisable to stick with the manifold even when strictly comparing
>performance.  I actually do have a ported stocker, along with everything else
>being ported and thought with this motor, the header would produce nice power
>Oh well..any last thought?


(My opinion -- not entirely performance based -- but performance-per-dollar
influenced -- and not backed-up by dyno runs or scriptures from the Bible.)

For you I say get your car registered (I finally did!) before spending
money on a header. 

But really (as we talked at our SVO Day last month) for a while I was
convinced that this was the way to go for my daily driver -- the header was
a neat idea, and the fact that virtually no one I knew had one made it even
more cool!

But in reality, unless you're obnoxiously obsessive-compulsive and
anal-retentive (like some guys on this list -- but thank goodness for them
as they push to resolve many answers) it's really not worth the trouble in
my opinion -- when they say 20 or 22 HP gains for $600 I think some of us
can safely assume there's probably better ways to spend this $600 -- and
what really scares me is the possible rejection at the smog check station
(remember those?) for my daily driver (read that reliability needed) makes
me quite nervous. Even though ATR will gladly install an EGR fitting, they
have yet to apply for an exemption number (last Neil talked to them a few
months ago) for their header.

I asked around and around, talked to this guy and that. I called Nick at
Modern Performance. He and I talked quite a bit and his feeling was for
what I wanted to do with my engine (mild, not wild) and for various other
reasons (including the smog check thing) I should stick with the manifold
-- never mind the fact that his engines are producing x-amount of power
with his manifold and that was good enough for me. So I ended up getting  a
ported and polished exhaust manifold from him and having enough money left
over to get ported and polished intakes as well. And money leftover to help
pay for the installation. The manifold is a nice piece of work.

I've got some (not very good pictures) of the head (my old and Nick's new),
and Nick's ported and polished manifolds under "products" at
www.mustangsvo.org -- check them out if you wish...they illustrate the port
matching that was done on ALL openings.

Good luck!