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Re: SVO: 87tbird tc/headlights

On Sat, 13 Dec 1997, Ralph Linares wrote:

> I have a new toy an 87 tbird  turbo coupe with 99,000 mi and the headlights 
> plastic is almost yellow, anyone has any sugestions on how to clear the up 
> again or wher to buy good condition used ones. I presume that new ones (if 
> availablea0 must be too expensive Thanks for any help. Ralph

New, they're 40-45 each (just bought a couple for a friend), and you can
likely find aftermarket units for 1/2 that if you look around. You can
supposedlt clean them with good results, but the new ones sure look

It depends on what you think your time is worth, right?  :)

Joe Morgan