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Re: SVO: 87tbird tc/headlights

At 12:07 AM 12/13/97 +0000, Ralph Linares wrote:
>I have a new toy an 87 tbird  turbo coupe with 99,000 mi and the headlights 
>plastic is almost yellow, anyone has any sugestions on how to clear the up 
>again or wher to buy good condition used ones. I presume that new ones (if 
>availablea0 must be too expensive Thanks for any help. Ralph

Both Mothers (www.mothers.com) and Meguiars (www.meguiars.com) have
products that polish plastic. The Mothers plastic polish is very mild, so
it sounds like you would want the 2-step method that Meguiars sells. There
are detail shops and the like that do a mild sanding or etching to clear
them up.  Problem is that if they're like my SVO lenses, they're foggy on
the inside as well from 10 years of use and abuse and leaks.

Or, you could call around to your Ford or L/M dealer (some L/M dealers
stock a lot of "Ford" parts) and ask for prices on E7SE-13007-A (right) and
E7SE-13007-B (left) -- they should be around $50 each.

Jim Dvorak
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