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Re: SVO: Re: Modern Performance

On Thu, 11 Dec 1997, Brian McGoldrick wrote:

> Brian - "not trying to bash anyone, just adding my 2 cents" -
> '85 Svo - Hopefully when running again will beat this damn Turbocharged VR6 Jetta,  Ugggh! :)

You know someone with a VR6 Turbo? is it the EIP Kit?  That sucker mus
fly.  Funny there is a "guru" VW shop around here, and the guy put a EIP
kit on a VR6 Golf...The guy has 40 GRAND in this car..Look really nice,
too bad it only runs 15's!! Jus goes to show that just because he owns a
shop and can sell his BS to people doenst mean he knows jack about
performance in the real world...


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