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Re: SVO - svo Digest - V01 #54

On Thu, 11 Dec 1997, Cory Erickson wrote:

> much. If this were to happen on one of the GOOD moderated lists, like the
> GN list, Nick would have been torn to pieces by now.

Well you have to look at the objectives of the people..How many many cars
on the GN list are 10 sec street cars, and how many of the SVO lists cars
are even 12 sec street cars....how many here even care enuff about
performance to even understand how slow a modified 14 second car is?
I'm not tryin to bash anyone, but the GN is a more performance orientated
list, with more performance orientated owners, while this list is a little
into performance but more into moulding part #s.  Like I said, not putting
anyoine down, just diffrent priorities.
Hence thats why so many people here are willing to buy something cuz the
salesman is nice instead of knowing the part is the best they can get for
the money.

> Oh, in that case. I have this "trick" gutted upper intake and teardropped
> and ported lower intake that really puts you back in your seat for sale
> cheap! And talk about killer top end! Anyone interested? It's a complete
> bolt on and only $100! :) NOT
> > Even if  dyno numbers were not to show any gain.....I love the way if FEELS.
> Then you really should buy my intake...just don't dyno it OK?
Wow Cory that was pretty good..ever think of opening a business? Your a
nice guy, so with the addition of an occupqtional license you will get
instant credibility, everything you say will be the word of God, and you
even get "Flame Protection".

> > So who are you children going to pick on and try to drive out of business
> > next?...I have a few suggestions.....One of them still owes me $600 for a mass
> > air kit that didn't work and was returned 5 months ago....and the check is in
> > the mail....again.
> Sooo, why did you purchase the mass air kit? Didn't you do any research
> first? Maybe you wouldn't have gotted "took" if you did a little more
> objective questioning ;)
Why the smiley? Your rite on!  Apparantly this person doesnt research
anything if he bought the ETS mass air, and he has a problem with it when
people do question stuff they do nit understand.  jus curious, how do you
know it didnt work? It run THAT bad?

No, arent you listening? he says it helps, how can you question that?!!!
You mean you want proof before shelling out two weeks pay for a part?
What is it with you? (sarcasm)


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