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Re: SVO: Air Conditioning - R-134 Conversion

Unless Dave C beat me to this......
Get a new dryer, and then you can get a set of fittings that converts the
old fittings over  to the new. Get the R134, and the R134 oil, and your
pretty much good to go.
The local parts store sells a kit that has all the seals and the adaptors
for like 30 bux, or Car Check sells just the fittings for like 4 dollars,
and then buy the orings separate(cheaper).  The lines/compressor/ heat
exchangers will be fine if they are fine now.
Onyl thing is if you sit in traffic alot, the R134 wont be as cold, but
the only way around that is a bigger condensor.  

On Thu, 11 Dec 1997, Rod Lilak wrote:

> Is anyone aware of a conversion kit to switch to the commonly available R-134
> refrigerant ?
> I know you aren't supposed to mix or use it with a system set up for the old
> R-12. Is it sufficient to purge the system and perhaps replace the
> reciever/drier
> in order to use the new refrigerant ?
> Not knowing anyone smuggling R-12 from Mexico, this seems like the only option
> if on wants to keep the AC working on their SVO.
> Rod
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