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Re: SVO - svo Digest - V01 #56

Mr. Morgan;
thank you....iwent to work today and dug up all our old records.  In
1979 and 1980 we ran an IMSA RS Car with a carbureted 2300
turbo...except that it was a 2855 turbo.

Based on the documents, complete with pictures of my boss with a full
fledged 1970's afro and plaid bell bottom pants, I can verify;

With modest machining the crank can be made to work.
(we used it because we couldn't get Ford to make Roush give us a moldez

The steel 22r crank is a fairly tasty little crankshaft.  BUT (and this
matters) you wind up needing to accomodate an additional .375 stroke in
the piston.  this precludes the use of the inexpensive and bombproof
chevy v-8 rod.

You wind up with a oil ring support rail in the piston, some fairly
elevated piston speeds, and short dwell time at or near tdc on the
intake stroke, none of which does anything good for piston life ring
seal, preignition or piston skirt survival.

Finally, it seems we had some major (only fixable with drysump oiling)
problems getting the oil to drain back past that big long stroke.

Notes indicated that this worked VERY WELL, but, VERY BRIEFLY.  I can't
tell if we got caught cheating, or we blew it up.

jonathan gleason

Griggs Racing Technical Services