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SVO: Some stuff in one big long message, that goes on and on, with a nonsense subject line the goes all the way over here.........

Scott, pop a tab on a beer, or pop 10 less tabs, one or the other...

Re: 134 Drier!!! HA!! I'm cheaper than Sca-ott, I'm cheaper than Sca-ott.
:)  Fords in the 80s had way oversized AC stuff.  From the factory, these
things would test your frosticles!  They're capable with 134 where GM stuff

The Future.....by Dave
All that you people desire, ie, the other list comparisons, badass cars,
etc. IS coming.

Lots of incredibly cool stuff regarding 2.3s is in the works, coming down
the pipe, being built in secret laboratories around the county, tested at
remote skunk works development labs, blahblahblah.  I've been into 2.3s
since October 1984. And, believe me when I tell you, we're here to (clap)
pump YOU up.  Look around and take stock of the past year.  INCREDIBLE
things HAVE happened.  And it's all because we are all here together to
poke and jab at each other, and are free to NOT believe each other, and try
to figure it out on our own.  But remember my rule:  BE NICE!

Don't you all realize that we a have a 140-something member development
team here?  Let's use it that way, and leave the executive washroom jabs
for the assholes at work or school, who you REALLY  DO hate.  Here's what
WE have gotten done in the last year;

SVO AND Turbo Coupe Listservers,  cool stuff on lots of different web
sites,  dyno tests on camshafts (plural), cam development,  turbo (itself)
knowledge  has skyrocketed,  Joe broke into the 10s, a damn near stock
non-intercooled XR went 13s and made 250+ HP, we got some magazine
coverage-both technical and show cars (heehee),  if we can believe Nick (I
can) and Pro M can ship it, we will finally have a mss air conversion that
works and is reasonably priced, Scott finally got an XR, we finally hooked
up with "those" guys who had the guts or stupidity (what me judge?) to cut
up an SVO and make something *different* out of it, MustangSVO.ORG got
established, a SECOND production run of leather upholstery has been made,

Good stuff! be happy, etc.  I'm tickled pink.  I figure two years, at the
latest, from now, we're gonna have LOTS of 12 second SVOs running around.

So, let's try not to kill each other in the meantime.  How about we hear
from the guys on the list who HAVE 13 second SVOs?  Let's hear what
everybody has got on their car and how fast it goes.  Let's piss away my
internet server hosting budget on THAT!  THIS software works, huh?  

I want to hear from EVERYBODY on this list, in the next week!  Say
something, say anything, just help us break up the monotony of the Joe,
Cory, SCOTT, Chris, Nick, and Dave club...


Do you guys with digest, want multiple digests in a day, of a fixed size,
or just one BIG one? Lemme know, offline.

And other than Scott's final (hopefully) outbursts, you guys have rallied
round the togetherness team.  I really had a blast reading my mail this
evening.  We WILL get more done, if we stick together, even if we don't
agree on everything.  

I hope we never do, I've never learned a damned thing from me.

Try and remember this....
Nobody's perfect, sorry for not being nobody...

Oh, and Cory, I'm a vendor.  A teeny one, but I'm here.

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