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Re: SVO: Is the Roller a true "bolt-in"

On Thu, 11 Dec 1997, Mp23cc wrote:

> We will dyno the cars has we see fit. 

...'nuff said, eh? ;)  

> As for  the Xr that Dave dynoed, he will install
> our camshaft and go back on the dyno. This will show what the power change is
> between the Engle and ours.

..and the different ambient temperature and relative humidity will
positively show the difference between testing a car in the middle of an
East Coast summer and the middle of an East Coast winter...sounds
objective to me... 

> ...in good shape, does the car run good. The SVO that we will test has
> the same stuff as the XR that Dave tested.

They both have timing belts, 8 valves, a headgasket, crank, pistons,
etc...oh yeah...different exhaust systems, computers, timing, CAM TIMING
(but then you knew that, right? *wink-wink*), transmissions, axles,

What do you mean they're not the same? ;)

> I see no reason why this would not be a good test.

Frankly...I don't doubt that for even one second. ;-)

> Are they both exact,
> no they are not. But no two cars are, so any hp claims would not have
> the same out come in any other car.

Uhhhh...helllllooooo?  That's why you need to run it *before* you put in
the cam, then run it again *after*...
> Running 10s once our 11s after is great, everybody with a 2.3 including me
> loves to see our motors kick butt.

That's what it's all about, right?

> However I do think that at 328 hp, pump gas
> and 17 psi of boost, is still making more power then most cars on this list.

A quick trip to the Corral HP calculator (can't find my Moroso one) says
that with 3100 pounds, at 102 MPH trap speed equals 262 HP...even with a
fairly generous 10% allowance for parasitic losses, that's 291.  Mark
Covey (you know him, right?) runs 108 (13.20's...on radials) in his XR,
with an Engle and no IC...hmmmm.

If anybody wants to compare notes with him ...913.789.9888...  I haven't
quite gotten him to get online yet -- I keep telling him how fun it is,

> On top of that we still are pass any tailpipe inspection and still idle

With a 290+ degree camshaft that has 111 centers...interesting...

Let the whining, evasion and obfuscation begin!

Joe Morgan
*throws his cape to the side and exits stage left*