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Re: SVO: Modern Performance

I think a lot of you would never say another word if you would kindly take a
trip to the strip to watch Joe do a few runs in his Pinto.  The car amazes
people every time he shows up.  I went and met him in Carlsbad a few months
ago.  Some people in the stands were laughing (5.0 dorks) and were
commenting on how the "true muscle car" next to him was going to eat him for
breakfast.  When he did his burn out to warm up his tires they were even
laughing out loud because of the unimpressive decibal level it produced
during the burn.  They did not, however, say one motherf!@#ing thing when he
blew the doors off his competition and pulled off his first high 10.  Joe
knows what he is talking about.  I SAW it in action.  Perhaps I should video
tape it and mail it out to all the non believers.  The other thing that I
can't understand is that if someone has an opinion or wants to debate, just
take it with a grain of salt.  You can do what you want and spend your $ on
whatever suits your needs.  The beauty of this list is that after we come
back from the track, we can share notes and perhaps save some money by
avioding those "miracle" parts that drain your pocketbook.  I don't have
much to contribute yet since my SVO is in a million pieces in my garage
being restored, but I don't like it when people can't debate freely.  Keep
it coming guys,  I want to know what works and even though I'm just a roamer
at the moment I will give my $.02 when the time comes.

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>On Thu, 11 Dec 1997 rumoving@bellsouth.net wrote:
> Usually, the ones that don't even own a SVO..yet you're SVO
>> mailing list.
>And?  Im here for 2.3 info.....as long as we dont bash the SVO or what
>people do with it(like you did), whats the big deal? And now that I think
>about it, dont YOU start about attitudes, Mr "Why Race a SVO? My godly 5.0
>will whip all"
>And you mentioned the people compaling about price....You mite want to
>read the posts before you open yourmoth and comment.  Neither me or Joe
>complained about price, we actually supported him.  The individual that
>was complaining about price was a fellow SVO owner, hell its in his scren
>> A simple statement of "show me some real world data" is about as far as
>> it needs to go.
>So your happy with "it feels faster" as its only documentation?  A fool
>and his money......
>> Ever thought about carrying this discussion to a 2.3 liter performance
>> list?
>yep, everyone is welcome to join it, but this is where it started.
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