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Re: SVO - svo Digest - V01 #50

On Thu, 11 Dec 1997 01:46:17 -0500 (EST) "Scott Shidel..."
<shidel@suntan.eng.usf.edu> writes:
>So this guy Chris is going to put one in his car and your dynoing it 
>the 27th?  Whats the baseline hp?  Are you going to dyno it, swap 
>then redyno it? thats the ONLY method that means squat...Saying that 
>can make 350hp with the cam means nothing, as I am sure you can make 
>witha  stock cam.  
>But unless you do a back to back test like Dave did(car must go back 
>dyno with the same plugs, wires, ignition setting, airfilter, boost
>level), the dyno results are nothing more than interesting "bathroom
>I reember you sayin you were going to test the mass air thing at the
>track some time ago, I think during the summer when it was still under
>development.  Said you were goin to Englishtown I think with 3 cars, 
>you were gonna do the mass air thing then.  Whatever happened?  
Yeah what happend to this? I am interested to see what the story is on
the MASS Air thing..  I still doubt we will have any Stock  with cam, and
Stock with MAss air Dyno runs. Something has to add HPto his "True street
Bolt on 2.3 roller cam" thats why he will only test on a Modded car. 

Charcoal Grey '86 SVO which needs a paint job bad!
2 Chambered Flowmasters, 2 1/2" Mac Tail pipes(Is it me or does MAC SUCK)