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SVO: cam timing???


which is better the engle or nicks or motorsports...LOL... just kidding.

   I removed my head (big valve, fms roller) and sent it off to Esslinger to
get freshened up.  But alas race day is here and my head is not.

    I have a stock 85.5 head that I put on the RACE ONLY car.
with my trusty multi cam timing wheel in hand 

       1. How much retard should I put in ???
       2. Is there an easy way to know where top dead center is on my cam???
       3. (crank fired ign I must set) what should my timing be
/initial/3k/6k???18 lbs boost.
please post to me "ctaylor930@aol.com"and list of course, I have a christamas
party to go to and will only be able to work on car in afternoon.

Keep lappin
chuck taylor
85.5 GT1 SVO