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Re: SVO: Modern Performance

On Thu, 11 Dec 1997 10:13:44 EST DIRKPIT777 <DIRKPIT777@aol.com> writes:
>To Joe and Cory,
>You guys are like a couple of children, all you do is critisize and 
>about the hard work of others, but offer no solutions or help 
>Over the last year or more i have done extensive engine modifications 
>to my
>1988 Turbo Coupe. I have listened to the claims of many parts 
>suppliers and so
>called experts, most of which turned out to be just plain 1/2 truths 
>to sell
>product. Once they have your money, tough luck.
>I don't often post to the list because self appointed "experts" like
>yourselves spend incredible amounts of energy telling people what they 
>DONE.....can't be done ....with often very flawed logic and a mind set 
>believes there is only ONE way to do something.
>I have a fair amount of engineering experience being the Engineering 
>for a large automotive co for quite a few years......i have all the
>develpoment engineers and analitical engineers reporting to me.  These 
>represent the pure theoretial MIT  brillant types and the hands on cut 
>and try
>hardware types. The cut and try guys are ALWAYS doing things the pure
>theoretial guys, with all the computer modeling and Finite Element 
>say can't be done. The new engineers learn very quickly from me....not 
>to tell
>me something that has been done...can't be done...They better reinvent 
>theory and figure out why It IS being done. (There is a big lesson 
>here for
>all the young engineering students.....next books and pure theory is a 
>far cry
>from the real world of engineering)
>The other big lesson to learn is there are often MANY ways to get to 
>the same
>Don't get me wrong, to question and debate things is great, everyone 
>learns in
>the process and people will ALWAYS have differing OPIONS....this is a 
>thing and keeps us all objective.
>But what i have seen at times is an attitude of aggressive attacks on 
>someone who has contributed immensely and with a very high level of 
>to our  common passion of the 2.3L turbo engine.
>My experience with Nick has been nothing short of STELLAR. The 
>products he has
>sold me have done exactly what he said they would....and when I had 
>problems or needed advice or instructions on something, he has always 
>available and more than willing to help, and 99% of the time his 
>advice was
>right on the mark. 
>I have compared in my own car the stock cam....runs out of power about
>5000Erpm...the ETS roller....poor idle, no low end or mid range but a 
>top end, and Nicks cam...stock like idle, good low and mid range and 
>high top end for as high as u want to go.  (Just like he advertises) 
>NO...i don't have dyno numbers or track times...i could't care less 
>about them
>really, when the car runs and feels that much stronger by the seat of 
>pants....thats what is important to me....and most people who use 
>their cars
>as daily drivers on the street.
>Even if  dyno numbers were not to show any gain.....I love the way if 
you love the way it feels. then its all psycological.  if the dyno
doesn't show results then nothing is gained, and you are tricking you
mind into thinking it did something, other than waste $600 on a useless

all everyone is saying is that they want a Dyno run just like DAVE did!!

Charcoal Grey '86 SVO which needs a paint job bad!
2 Chambered Flowmasters, 2 1/2" Mac Tail pipes(Is it me or does MAC SUCK)